Christian Science Society,

Lubbock, Texas


The Christian Science Society in Lubbock is a dedicated group who follows in the footsteps of the Master Christian, Christ Jesus.  We share a deep desire to understand the Bible and to practice Jesus' systematic healing method. As a result of our study of Christian Science we are performing and witnessing many healings. 

Christian Science is a Bible-based religion which teaches God's love and care for all His creation. It is based on Christ Jesus' teachings as found in the four Gospels and upon the laws of God as found throughout all scripture.

In our church services we use the King James' Version (KJV) and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. These two books together comprise our Pastor.

Our mission is to reach out to our community to share this healing truth with you. If you're in need of healing we'd love to hear from you. Our members are very happy to answer your questions privately and confidentially. 

If you'd like a free copy of Science and Health please contact us. We'll be happy to send one to you. 


                                       Sunday Service  9:30 am        Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting 6:00 pm

                                                              Thanksgiving Service on Thanksgiving Day @ 9:30 am